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A past remembered, a future imagined, a story celebrated.

A wonderland of wide green fields, majestic trees, and beautiful views, Beech Grove’s story begins in 1801, when it was given as a 200 acre land grant to Nashville pioneer James Robertson. It was acquired by Hugh Allison the same year, at the grand price of $1.75 per acre, and it’s here that the family legacy of Beech Grove begins…

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For the next 35 years, Hugh lived at Beech Grove with his wife Lydia and their five children, farming the land. During this time Hugh commissioned the original two storey log home, which was built in the traditional Greek Revival style by local carpenters Thomas Jones and Caleb Lucas in 1850. The barn, which remains fully preserved, was built in 1851.

When Hugh’s son Thomas Jefferson Allison inherited the farm, he expanded it to 1,150 acres for his wife Tabitha and their six children to live on, transforming the property into a true Southern Plantation. After the Civil War,  TJ Allison and Tabitha continued to live in the house until the end of their lives in the late 1800s.

Allison’s granddaughter Allie Morton and her husband Sam inherited the land in the 1920s, and after turning it into a successful livestock farm, they redesigned the house in the Colonial Revival Style, which remains today.

In 1993, the remaining twelve acres, the home, and the barn were purchased by the Kacki family, who felt an immediate connection with Beech Grove’s unique history and family legacy.

Since then, they have raised their own children at Beech Grove, restoring the original home and barn, and recording the property with the National Historic Homes Register. Their intention to create a new legacy for visitors and future owners alike comes from a true commitment to the land they have been entrusted.

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Nearly 700 stones were moved by hand from the farm land to build the stone steps and foundation of the barn & corn shed.

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Since Thomas Allison inherited Beech Grove from his father’s land in 1850, four families have called the property home.

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In 1850, the Beech Grove farm expanded to 1150 acres. Today the property sits on 12 acres just southwest of Downtown Nashville.

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The stall walls and hay loft of the barn were converted to beautiful wooden floors over 98 hours tedious sanding and finishing.


Today,  Beech Grove’s stately history and natural beauty have come full circle. Modern day dreamers and romantics alike now have a place to create stories and begin legacies of their own. Plans are in place to continue to develop the property, adding amenities and features for clients and guests all while preserving its sense of place and historic timeline.  We see Beech Grove as a rare treasure, a place to celebrate, a place like no other  and we look forward to sharing our home with families, neighbors and the Nashville community for years to come.

~The Kacki Family, entrusted guardians

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